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    Step 3 Check your Dragon City account for free Gems, Coins & Food.

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    plazpyar Got 62301 5325415 5325415

    "WOW 62301 Food !!!"

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    There are many activities to attend in Dragon City, from raising your dragons to hatching eggs, feeding the younger dragons and breeding them with other dragons or forging alliances, all of these are only a few of the things that you can do while playing this game. You can also place the adult dragons in fights and enjoy the experience!

    Getting the best results in this game requires a lot of time and commitment, not to mention that you do need some special resources as well. From food to gold and gems, all of these are necessary if you want to evolve your cute dragons, but they are scarce if you play normally. You can try to pay real money for them, buy why would you do that when you can acquire them for free?

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